ALAP Advisory

Future-aware information management solutions: unleashing the power of your information while you focus on your business

Welcome to ALAP Advisory!

Our passion is supporting startups and new businesses that recognise the importance of well-managed information, but have enough to handle simply making their business a success. We support you to make informed decisions on what information is important right now, and what may become important in the future. 

Examples of our services offering include: 

  • advising on manual processes to capture information for later use; 
  • process optimisation and integration to smooth the integration between your existing manual and software tools; 
  • developing bespoke information management systems – whether as an interim solution or as the foundation for the long-term; and
  • conducting market analyses to identify existing, industry-specific services and off-the-shelf tools. 

As we work with you, our emphasis is on the value of early adoption of data organisation, quality, integration, accessibility, and analytics standards. We aim to support you in addressing your information management needs right now, but in a way that allows the information management to evolve with your business into the future, by providing tailored solutions that meets both your company’s current needs while also being future aware.

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