About Us

The acronym ALAP is short for “As Local As Possible‘. It reflects our ethos of developing solutions that are specific for your business alone and are responsive to the context you work in.

By happy coincidence, ‘Alap’ exists in several languages with meanings that also reflect our driving ethos. 

In Hindi and several other Indian languages “Alap” (अलाप) is a term in Indian classical music that refers to the starting section of a musical piece, where the melody is introduced and developed through improvisation. We view our work with you in the same way. The initial conversations, thinking and design that go into defining and developing strong information management processes and systems are a critical ‘prelude’ to supporting your business’s success. And once the engagement is underway, constant innovation and adaptation will support your business as it evolves. 

In Hungarian, meanings for “Alap” include “basis” or “foundation”. Here, too, we believe that sound information management processes and system are foundational in supporting your business to achieve lasting results.